Every woman is special by nature.

WOMEN’S BEST focuses on this individuality and helps you to bring out the very best of yourself. Become part of our custom base and enjoy the delightful way to achieve your ideal weight!

“Success is not a destination… It’s a journey.”

Since the establishment of our company, we always kept to our four main principles which you can find below. Those points really define our brand and they make Women’s best what it is: The leading supplement producer for women!


Guaranteed effects

Due to only choosing the best ingredients for our tea, we can guarantee the healthy impact on your body. All Blends are scientifically proven and are adapted to the female body.


Highest quality

Manufactured in Germany, our Detox Tea is produced with highest quality standards, being inspected and improved regularly. As our Austrian headquarter is situated next to Germany, we decided to produce our products in our neighboring country, known for its high health standards.


Appealing design

We know about the importance of design. No lady wants to place unsightly packs in her kitchen. Our graphic directors focused on the look and created the most appealing packages on the market.



We think you should not force yourself to exercise and eat clean. It should be fun to eat well and be fit. Therefore our Brand represents a certain way of life. You can find the latest fitness blogs on our homepage – a young team of content creators ensure the high quality of our blogs and posts on social media.

With a huge follower base of about 1.3 Million people on social media as well as various fitness celebrities, many people swear by the quality and effects of our products. Convince yourself and take the first step of your fitness journey by visiting our shop